Research provides a body of knowledge to practice professional nursing and this significance is well – appreciated in Pushpagiri College of Nursing. PCON creates a platform for the students and faculty members to establish quality and encourage evidence based practice in the field of Nursing.

Research Enrichment Program

Research Enrichment Program is organized once in a month for faculty and post graduate students to inculcate the latest research methods and concepts. The sessions are taken by experts in the field of research accompanied by hands on training as needed.

Faculty Research Projects are instituted to motivate and expertise faculty members in conducting research activities. Faculty members are involved in  department and inter department research projects and their works are published in national and international journals. Faculty have also presented scientific papers in national and international conferences.

Dissemination of nursing knowledge is essential for advanced practice nurses. PCON provides a platform for the under graduate and post graduate students all over kerala to publicize their research findings by organizing Intercollegiate Scientific Paper Presentation at state level every year. Thisis designed to equip the students to be future leaders in the health care community.

Continuing Nursing Eduication

Professional development is a lifelong process of active participation in learning activities to enhance practise and expertize in quality health care. The faculty and students of PCON are appreciated and constantly encouraged  by the management for various research activities.

Conferences and workshop are organized every year by students and faculty members on latest updates in the field of nursing. Every month on  first and third Friday faculty conducts presentation on current advancement in technologies, issues and evidence based practice in healthcare.

Faculty and students are encouraged to participate in conferences and to present papers at state and national levels.


1 Outcome of a teaching programme on knowledge and practice among nurses in neuro intensive care unit regarding the effect of patient positioning on intracranial pressure
2 Effect  of exercises in reducing pain and promoting muscle strength among patients admitted with spondylitis
3 Effect of range of motion exercises ankle foot orthosis and foot massage in prevention of foot drop among patients suffering from stroke
4 Effect of the sensory stimulation programme on recovery in unconscious patients with traumatic brain injury
5 Effect of yoga as a complimentary therapy for psychiatric inpatients
6 Level of stress and ways of coping among wives of alcoholics
7 Nuerodevelop;ment5al outcomes of term babies with hyperbilirubinemia and without hyperbilirubinemia
8. Effect of planned teaching programme on learning disability in children among primary school teachers of selected schools in Pathanamthitta district
9. Stressors identified by mothers of children admitted in pediatric critical care unit with a view to develop an intervention protocol for nurses
10. Perception of elder abuse by the elderly among the caregiver in a selected community setting in  Pathanamthitta district
11. Effect of different oral care agents on oral mucosal integrity among patints in intensive care units
12. Effect of early enteral feeding on the ICU length of stay among patients with traumatic brain injury
13 The prevalence of prehypertension among students of health care courses
14. Effect of individual medication education programme on knowledge and drug taking behaviour among cardiac patients
15 Effect of planned teaching programme on knowledge and practice regarding venous catheter care among critical care nursing
16. Prevalence and correlates of depression among adolescents
17. Effect of planned teaching programme on knowledge regarding health behaviour among school children
18. Effect of parent child dyadic session on oral hygiene among under five children
19. Impact of social stigma and expressed emotions on relapse of mental illness
20. Impact of thermoprophylactic protocol among hospitalized patients with risk of developing deep vein thrombosis
21. Effect of planned teaching programme on knowledge and practice regarding cardiac catheterization case among nurses
22 Effect of an awareness programme on knowledge regarding domestic violence among women of low socioeconomic status
23 Factors influencing growth and development among preterm babies
24 Knowledge risk perception and actual risk regarding coronary artery diseases among patients with hypertension
25 Assessment of the level of knowledge and the learning needs of patients with heart failure
26 Effect of taking programme among nurses regarding knowledge on care of cardiac patients with electrolyte imbalance
27 Effect of breathing retraining programme on the signs and symptoms of patients with bronchial asthma
28 Health related quality of life and social support among post myocardial infarction patients attending the outpatient clinics of a selected cardiology centre
29 Effect of planned teaching programme on knowledge among members of selected self help groups regarding dementia
30 Knowledge level of mothers of pediatric patients regarding first aid in selected pediatric emergencies
31 Mothers awareness on physical and emotional abuse of children in a selected community
32 Effect of computer assisted teaching on knowledge among nurses working in emergency unit regarding electrocardiogram changes in patients with acute myocardial infarction
33 Knowledge, attitude and health beliefs regarding hyperlipidemia among coronary artery disease patients attending outpatient clinics of a tertiary care hospital
34 Relationship between physical activity and metabolic syndrome in patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease
35 Effect of structured teaching programme on knowledge regarding arterial blood gas interpretation among staff nurses
36 Aged parents worries and expectation of care about their chronic mentally ill offspring
37 Effect of computer assisted teaching programme on knowledge regarding intercostal drainage care among nurses
38 Knowledge regarding prevention of stroke among patients with hypertension
39 Relation of dyspnea and health related quality of life in patients with COPD
40 Effect of foot massage on pain among patients after cardiac surgery
41 Effect of structured teaching programme on knowledge regarding anti-tobacco measures among adolescent boys
42 Detection of urine abnormalities among school children
43 Assess the medication adherence and its correlates among cardiac patients
44 Descriptive study to assess the knowledge of antiretroviral therapy among HIV patients attending in selected art centers in Bangalore with view to develop in information booklet
45 A study to assess the knowledge of perceived health problems elderly people and facilities provided them in a selected old age homes in a Bangalore City
46 A study to evaluate the effectiveness of self instructional module on knowledge regarding modes of transmission and prevention of hepatitis B among staff nurses working in a selected hospitals in Bangalore
47 A study to assess the effectiveness of structured teaching programme regarding aeptic  techniques among staff nurses in a selected hospitals at Bangalore
48 A study to assess the effectiveness of music therapy on anxiety among patients undergoing cardiac catheterization in selected hospitals at Bangalore
49 A study to asses the knowledge and attitude regarding pre and post operative care among patients undergoing abdominal surgery selected hospitals at Bangalore with a develop health education module
50 Effect of computer assisted teaching programme on knowledge regarding intercostal drainage care among nurses